In a globalized world, where people and cultures are mixing and merging together like never before, our domestic folk music landscape is willfully ignored. Folk music lacks a concentrated presence in India. Lack of interest and attention is putting this music under great threat.

Song of Soul is extending support to the folk music community through Livelihood, Sustainability, Promotion and Preservation.

Latest Updates

Song of Soul has acquired a land at Biramdih a remote village and a place rich in folk culture in the fringes of Purulia ( east of India in the state of West Bengal) bordering Jharkhand. Song of Soul proposes to set up an Art and Cultural Centre with state of the art facility and a community radio station for the promotion of rural art and culture.

Biramdih Project

IMEX (India Music Expo)

Song of Soul brings you an unique event in 2016. For more information and updates on the event please submit your details with us.
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  • A platform for global performing arts exchange to create and extend professional opportunities for traditional and independent music practitioners.
  • An event where leading arts professionals from all over the world will participate in discussions and will help create an international market for the folk, roots and independent musicians of India.
  • A platform to market India as a strong cultural destination.
  • An opportunity to provide greater economic opportunities and raise the international profile of the most neglected folk and roots artists of India.
  • To provide international talent buyers, music consultants, festival directors with a one stop access to the blossoming Indian market.
  • An effective venue for emerging Indian companies and artists to reach out to the global industry.
  • To develop a vibrant marketplace and business hub for the arts, and also offering a platform for major regional and international players to congregate and interact.

Latest News

Few International artists performed at the festival:

  1. Idan Raichel (Musician , Vocals, Israel)
  2. David Bridie (Singer, Musician, Australia)
  3. Rani Singam (Vocals, Jazz, Singapore)
  4. Kerong Chok (Piano, Jazz, Singapore)
  5. Marnix Bustra (Guitar,JAzz, Nethelands)
  6. Chris Strik (Drummer,JAzz, Netherlands)
  7. Frans Van Geest (Double Bassd,Jazz, Netherlands)
  8. Berthil Bustra (Piano,Jazz, Netherlands)
  9. Zoltan Orosz (Piano Accordion, Jazz to Balkan Folk, Hungary)
  10. Monica Akihary (Vocals, JAzz, Netherlands)
  11. Neils Breuwer ( Guitarist, Netherlands)
  12. Kyung Min Lee (Percussion, Korea)
  13. Kyuhyun Lee (Percussion , Korea)
  14. Joong Wan Lee (Percussion, Korea)
  15. Mi Ryeong Sim (Strings, Korea)
  16. Bo Ran Park (Vocals, Korea)
  17. Song Yi Park (Vocals, Korea)
  18. Ji Eun Kim (Percussion, Korea)
  19. Song Kyung Kun (Percussion , Vocals, Korea)
  20. Lim Young Ju (Percussion, Korea)
  21. Park Seung Won (Vocals, Guitar, Percussion,Korea)
  22. Kang Sun il (Percussion, Korea)
  23. Brian Molley (Saxophone,JAzz, Scotland)
  24. Mario Caribe ( Double Bass, Scotland)
  25. Stuart Brown ( Drums, JAzz, Scotland)
  26. Alan Doherty (Flute & Vocals, Ireland)
  27. Gerry Paul (Guitar, Ireland)
  28. Martin Moran ((Guitar & Vocals)
  29. Christof Van Der Ven (Guitar, Vocals, Banjo)
  30. Tobier Schmitt (BAss)
  31. Julien Mayer Hoff (Trumpet,Keyboards)
  32. Kristoff Ferrylander (Drums)
  33. Roozbeh Azar (Classical guitar, Iran
  34. Heiko Dijker (Percussion, Amsterdam)
  35. Igor Bezget (Guitar)
  36. Layba Diawara (Kora Guinea,West Africa)
  37. Joshua Samson (Hung /Percussion)
  38. Jean Oh (Guitar)
  39. Aram Lee (Daegum/YAnggeum)
  40. Dongjin Shin (Drums)
  41. Marien Van Stalen (Cello)
  42. Lenneke Van Stalen (Violin)
  43. Cabra Casay (Vocals, Israel)
  44. Maya Avraham (Vocals , Israel)
  45. Ravid Kahalani (Vocals, Yemen)
  46. Gilad Shmuely
  47. Rony Iwrin
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